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Turn your love for wildlife into a thriving business with AAAC Wildlife Removal. With a tried and true process, we help navigate you through the business to set you up for success. Join us in making a positive impact on your community.

Get up and running as fast as 21 days and for under $80,000!

Discover our extensive range of wildlife removal services tailored to suit your individual location requirements. Our team includes a dedicated Franchise Development Officer and Certified AAAC Wildlife Removal Operators who are committed to guiding you through the learning process.


Wildlife Trapping

Humane animal trapping and relocation services for a variety of wildlife species.


Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife exclusion services to seal entry points and prevent animals from returning.


Wildlife Damage Repair

Expert animal damage repair and prevention to secure your property from future infestations.

Multi-faceted income streams

Ready to Dive into Wildlife Removal?

Our Wildlife Removal Journey

When Retired Army Veteran, Brian Moss, transitioned out of the Army he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. Shortly after he learned he could turn his passion into a business and purchased a AAAC franchise territory. With his wife, Josie Moss, taking the helm as CEO, and his military discipline and leadership skills, they were nearly an instant success. Shortly thereafter, they made an offer to acquire the Franchisor rights and the rest is history….

Funny wild raccoon exploring countryside

Why Choose AAAC Wildlife Franchise?

Discover the unique value propositions that set us apart in the wildlife removal industry. While maintaining high standards, and professionalism, we have managed to keep a family atmosphere.

Ethical Practices

We prioritize humane wildlife removal techniques and eco-friendly solutions to protect both animals and our environment.

Local Expertise

Our franchise owners are backed by extensive training and local support to deliver exceptional wildlife removal services.

Franchisee Success Stories

Read what our Franchisees have to say about their experience with AAAC Wildlife Removal.

When I decided to retire from the Army, a friend of mine introduced me to the AAAC Wildlife Removal Franchise Opportunity. I quickly sent off for the information packet and after a thorough review of the packet and talking with Mark, the AAAC Chief Executive Officer, my decision to join the AAAC team was an easy one.

Brian and Josie changed our lives when they presented this opportunity to us. They have guided us through this journey every step of the way. It has taken dedication and determination to get where we are. If you would have told us that we could make a career catching wildlife, we would never have believed it! It is a blessing to be part of a franchise
like ours. We are not just another office, we are all family, Brian and Josie are the backbone and we love them. AAAC Wildlife Removal has changed our lives.

“We were recommended an A All Animal Control franchise in 2011, and literally had the phone ringing before we were out of training. I felt the support services cared about our success, and we were given the training needed to succeed. I enjoyed that the daily projects were always different, so we did not get bored in a mundane environment. ”

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